As a part of a group of information safety consultants, or as an employee of the organization, a penetration tester will probe the organisation’s community defences to find out weaknesses, and may then pass on to exploit those weaknesses in a manner that demonstrates threat with out causing damage. A “pen tester” proceeds in an moral and professional way, taking care to reason no damage and CCISO Test working strictly in the limits of the agreed phrases of engagement.

In this way, the penetration tester differs from the crook “hacker” (also referred to as a “cracker”), who attempts to penetrate and exploit an organization’s laptop structures for non-public or economic gain. Possible harm from malicious hackers ought to include: breaches of confidentiality (for sensitive files), loss of integrity (if crucial documents are altered), and denial of provider (if systems turn out to be unavailable to valid users). In addition, repairing the depredations of criminal hackers can fee good sized sums of money, in addition to incalculable reputational loss.

Clearly, a penetration tester can be an invaluable best friend inside the fight towards cyber-crime. However, it’s miles crucial to pick out a “pen tester” very carefully. Some simple safeguards may encompass the subsequent:

Check that the penetration tester does no longer have a criminal report of any type (now not simply for hacking, however for any crime).

Check that the pen tester has never been a malicious hacker (although this will be greater hard to establish).

Check the tester’s technical understanding and formal certifications. This might also include qualifications from CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) or from the newer “Tiger Scheme”, or possibly the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) which (in contrast to the preceding qualifications) does now not contain a sensible component to the exam. There is also the CHECK Consultant popularity, which denotes approval for work on UK Government initiatives.

Check that the penetration tester remains updated with advances within the area, with a very good range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities together with: reading journals, attending conferences, or participating in Internet discussions. In unique, CREST-certified and CEH experts need to re-take the exam every three years that allows you to retain their accredited repute, and so their penetration checking out capabilities could be stored fresh.

It is likewise a bonus if the pen tester has a few historical past in a enterprise-related context, with the accompanying insight into the enterprise effect of weaknesses found, as towards their basically technical impact.

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