Transcriptions serve as a written description of your video. They are essential for looking to create engagement on your video formats. The transcriptions mainly consist of text which is set in the video. The transcript is edited directly into your video. If you’re looking for ways to enter a transcript in your video, follow the steps below to help you create a transcription file.

Format transcript file!

Create your file and type the text of whatever I said in your video and put the plain text file saved as a TXT extension. You can also use other formats such as word, HTML, and clean text on Notepad.

If you’re looking for the best results, follow the tips below: 

  • Use a blank line to force a fresh caption to begin. 
  • Use square brackets to indicate background noise. Use [music] or [laughing] as examples.
  • To indicate speakers or a change in speaker, use >>. 
  • Foot pedals let you manage the recording’s tempo without having to use your hands. 

This facilitates a smoother transcribing process. You may rewind, play, and fast-forward an audio or video recording by pushing on various areas of the pedal.


This article covers the main aspect of transcription files. If you are trying to gain more access to these transcription practices, keep track of upcoming tools. If you are a beginner then click on this link greenopolis. 

There are many tools available on the Internet for you to discover that help you to enhance your transcription practices on a whole another level. This means that you will be creating up to the standard transcription files.

How to create a video transcript?